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Region 10 is moving forward when it comes to hydrogen

Region 10 is moving forward when it comes to hydrogen

In the future, the new “Hydrogen Cluster Area 10” aims to improve communication between several actors from business, science, authorities and municipalities about hydrogen within the region.

The mayor of Ingolstadt and the district directors of Eichstadt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen and Pfaffenhofen decided on future intensive cooperation in the field of hydrogen and signed a corresponding cooperation agreement. There will be a first central event for interested companies, startups and municipalities from the entire region as early as March 2024.

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It is necessary to reconsider energy and mobility issues

In the wake of climate change and the energy crisis of 2022, it has become clear that rethinking energy and mobility issues is essential. The topic of hydrogen is likely to play an important role here.

By gradually replacing fossil energy sources such as oil and gas with hydrogen produced in a climate-neutral way, there is an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various sectors.

For example, in Hohenwart in the Pfaffenhofen district, the use of hydrogen to provide heat to homes is being tested; In the heavy transport sector, companies in the region are already researching and manufacturing trucks with a range of up to 800 km. Moving into industrial use, including process heat production, increasing emphasis is being placed on hydrogen.

These diverse potential uses highlight the future potential of hydrogen. On the other hand, there is still some uncertainty among companies and other social actors about the opportunities and risks that the transition to hydrogen brings and how to prepare strategically for this change.

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Collaboration between companies, startups and science

The key to successful transformation lies in close cooperation between companies, startups and science along the entire H2 value chain. In order to effectively communicate with players in Region 10 and inform them of important technological, economic and legal trends and framework conditions, the City of Ingolstadt, the Eichstadt Region, the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen Region and the Pfaffenhofen Region will work together in the future to create a regional hydrogen cluster of companies, universities, authorities and municipalities as well as other stakeholders.

The event begins on March 6

The various activities planned will start with an event on March 6 for all interested companies and organizations in Region 10, where the new hydrogen cluster will be established by the joined regional players.

As part of the event, participants will be introduced, among other things, to different application and production options using practical examples from the region and participants will initially be connected through topic-based discussion rounds.

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The group’s overarching goal will be to map the entire value chain in the future, from hydrogen production using electrolysis, for example, through different storage and transportation options, to its use in different areas of the region.

Regional economic developers see this as an opportunity to create a new and innovative economic sector in the region, which provides participating companies and organizations with the possibility of partial energy self-sufficiency and benefits climate protection efforts in the region.

“The key to future continuity”

“I am convinced that hydrogen is a fundamental key to the economic future of our region and offers great potential for companies and municipalities,” said Ingolstadt Mayor Scharpf. “So we would be happy if as many players as possible join our hydrogen group and help create hydrogen in the region and shape the future with innovative technologies.”

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Companies, universities, startups and municipalities interested in the new hydrogen park and its offers can obtain further information from the economic development department of the respective region or the city of Ingolstadt.

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