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Register now, upload a photo and win 1000 euros!

Register now, upload a photo and win 1000 euros!

Today's winner in the 2024 Big Dog election!

The 2024 Big Dog elections began yesterday The third lap started! Seize the opportunity now and join!

In the first round the week before last, several cute dogs got a win today! But as today's winner, you not only enjoy fame and admiration, but you will also receive €100. So they were allowed to do so 11 year old German Shepherd mix Shari, the Eight-year-old spaniel Santino, the Nine-year-old Labrador Hugo And the Seven-year-old Golden Doodle Barney Be happy with 100 euros!

Last week they were able to… 2 year old bearded kashmir collie, the 3 year old mixed breed vinja, the Rocket Bearded Collie is 3 months old And the 6 year old golden retriever Nero the Today's victory And those associated with it 100 euros To make a backup copy.

But do not worry: There is still a chance to choose a winner for today -Every day brings a new opportunity to highlight your loyal friend! also The main prize is €1,000 Still within reach! Participate now and you and your four-legged friend may be crowned the winner of the day!

Big Dog Choice for 2024

Every day you have the chance to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of four-legged friends and be crowned the proud winner of the day 100 euros Wins! And if that wasn't enough, there will also be a happy day One grand prize winner or one lucky grand prize winner Give. The main prize is there 1000 euros!

We proudly offer a wide range of furry friends, from young to old, and from young to old. Every dog ​​has their own story to tell and we want to hear it! Your four-legged friend could be your next shiny winner!

Daily winners as of March 4, 2024: Diego (left) and Kobe (right)

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Age and breed

Diego and Kobe are purebred Havanese, Kobe is 1.5 years old and Diego is 1.7 years old.

This is what distinguishes us:

Best friends and half-brothers, Diego and Kobe from Styria, have found their new home in the vibrant city of Vienna. Diego wins hearts with his adorable nature as a lovable monster, while Kobe is excited to learn new tricks and enjoys showing them off. Diego, who radiates the charm of a Gemini, and Kobe, who displays the courage of a Leo in every way, together make a dynamic, cheerful and strong team.

congratulations for Diego and Kobe! As today's winners, they not only impressed us, but also walked away with a huge win of €100.

How to participate:

Would you also like to have a chance with your four-legged friend? To be crowned a winner today and win 100 euros? It's very simple: report Join us, invite us A picture of your dog high, He writes Find out what makes your animal companion special and take part in the great competition.

With a little luck, you can win not only the day, but the main prize as well 1000 euros Take it home!

what you are waiting for? Don't miss the opportunity to be part of Big Dog Election 2024 He is! Join now!

This is how it works step by step:

  1. Register: Enter your first and last name as well as your email address.
  2. upload photo: Show your dog in all his glory – upload a photo that captures his essence.
  3. Describe: Write to us what makes your dog so special!
  4. Wins: With a little luck, not only will your dog be the winner of the day, but you will also have the chance to win the main prize of €1,000!

Join now and celebrate the diversity of the dog world with us!

Now on to the 2024 Big Dog selection!

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