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Relations with Taiwan: A spontaneous…

Relations with Taiwan: A spontaneous…

Chinese military chief urges US to end military ties with Taiwan

A senior Chinese official warned his American counterparts on Thursday stimulus Met a determined counterattack from China. Li Zuocheng, China’s chief of staff and chief of the armed forces, has again urged the United States to cut military ties with Taiwan.

“If someone provokes indiscriminately, the Chinese people will inevitably retaliate decisively,” he said. Mark Miley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, in a phone call on Thursday. China’s military will resolutely protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Li added, to avoid tremors in Sino-US relations. “General Milli discussed the need to handle the conflict responsibly and maintain open lines of communication,” Milli’s spokesman said in a statement.

The government in Beijing wants to bring the democratically-ruled island under Chinese control, claiming it as its own. America is under the President Bitan Taiwan Repeatedly assured “rock-solid” support. In the past, China has repeatedly underlined its claim with maneuvers near the island.


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