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Release tour: Now Storm star Jan Peter Martens dares to return in Graz

Release tour: Now Storm star Jan Peter Martens dares to return in Graz

The Belgian midfielder was part of Ivica Usem’s champions squad, and the last cup derby against GAK brought back his memories and most important goal: he scored the winning goal against the Reds in the last minute in 1999. The three points against rivals Storm may have saved the title this year, which he snatched away From Rapid Vienna.

This November, Jan Peter Martens (48 years old) is preparing for his big comeback in Graz, but not as a scout or player, no, but as a musician. The singer-songwriter will soon release his CD cycle of his song “A Better Me” on the Pumpkin Records label. The version presented by Platoo will take place at Scherbe-Keller on Wednesday, November 23. In the November 25 plays in Gleisdorf and on November 26 in Bluegarage in fraudulent.

After the long-running players ARTcoustic (1999), Epique (2000) and Mirrorface (2003) one can talk about the album’s comeback, says Platoo, but A Better Me sounds more like a debut album by Jan-Pieter Martens himself: “If you look back at a period Graz, you have already lived three more lives.” Meanwhile, Martens released his first single yesterday, which can also be found on Spotify:

It’s a two-way homecoming for the Belgian, who is currently making a living as an explorer at Schalke 04, having been appointed as team manager in 2013. Because it was Martens himself who launched the Platoo event platform in Graz in 2003 to give the young singer-songwriters a stage. At that time, there were practically no opportunities to perform in the city.

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Plato Monday also recently celebrated its anniversary at Scherbe-Keller. The series has been running since 2008, and recently had a 250th evening with Vienna-based German “songwriter” Ansa Sauermann.