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Oskar Haag im FM4 Studio

FM4 sessions with Lylit and Oskar Haag

This time the music comes from two vocal sessions played by Austrian musicians on FM4. Lillet visited us three years ago, and Oscar Haag recorded his session on FM4 this spring.

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It’s always a pleasure for musicians to come through the FM4 door to play a session here, whether acoustic or semi-acoustic, just with an acoustic guitar, on the grand piano or perhaps with a more complex setup including a keyboard and additional sampler. Sometimes not everything goes by and the songs are in the box, sometimes it takes a little longer for everything to be recorded to everyone’s liking, but in the end there is always a feeling that something special has been created.

The ingenuity of Viennese musician Lilith paves the way to contemplation and vulnerability. It’s hard to resist the intensity of their songs. Lylit’s music makes itself audible and imposing and cannot be blended into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lylit’s real name is Eva Klampfer and she is from Upper Austrian Innviertel. A while ago, Lylit had a record deal in the US and one of her tracks was #1 on the i-tunes chart there. Eventually, Lilith returned to Austria to be the center of her life and work here.

Lylit currently has the music for the movie “Eismayer” she did. It can now be seen in Austrian cinemas. But Lylit’s album “Inward Outward”, released in 2019, still looks modern. In the fall of 2019, Lylit visited FM4 Radio to record a session here. This was so good that we put it back in front of the curtain.

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In the second part of the FM4 sessions, this time we hear Oscar Haag, the very young musician from Klagenfurt, who was the inspiration for him with songs like “The Summer We Need”, “Black Dress” or “Stargazer”. It was the last song that catapulted Oscar from his room in his Carinthia home to the Austrian music world. Oscar Haag comes from an artistic and musical family. His father, Oliver Welter of the band Naked Lunch, had a huge influence on Oscar’s career, but albums like The Beatles’ Help! It also influenced Oskar Haag.

FM4 music expert Lisa Schneider describes Oscar Haag as “the pop star of today and the day after tomorrow who does everything right. Whoever writes songs as if he’s already been here since the 1960s and then goes to the FM4 Frequency Festival, and like all the other young visitors* (who sold the thing again this year), he’s not complaining about the lineup. He probably doesn’t know it yet, he’s accused of how valuable the past and present feel, and you can hear that in his songs too.”

The FM4 sessions Available every Saturday from 4pm to 5pm on FM4 Radio and after that too For 7 days in the player Listen!