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Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech - max. 300 km

Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech – max. 300 km

As a combustion engine, Renault Kangoo has been in its third generation since last year, and as an electric it is already in its second generation. In 1997, the compact truck was launched as a pickup truck and as a high-top station wagon. In 2008 there was a significant change in the model. This went hand in hand with the first steps of electrification. In 2011, we launched the first E-Kangoos, marked with the acronym ZE (Zero Emission).

At the current model stage, the name of the electric truck is E-Tech Electric. Behind it is a 122 hp front-wheel drive (top speed: 135 km/h), based on a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery. Renault promises a range of up to 300 km (according to WLTP) for a car with an unloaded weight of 1.694 kg.

Next year, all Renault trucks will have an electric motor! ” TIZIAN BALLWEBER, PR specialist for Renault Austria

She completed her first show around Chantilly, near Paris, in the variant with a 22 kWh charger and heat pump, sliding side gate and two-piece tailgate. On board: 2 people, 150 kg payload. Summary After about 70 kilometers on rural and village roads, with daily driving: 14 kWh average consumption. Initially, the on-board computer showed a credit range of 308 kilometers, of which 237 kilometers remain.

The truck with electronic board can be charged with AC and DC current. Depending on the charging device, it takes approximately 14 to 23.5 hours for the battery to fill to 100 percent again. The fast charger goes from zero to 80 percent in 43 minutes to 1.5 hours.

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The cargo volume corresponds to the cargo volume of the traditional kangoo, with up to 3.9 cubic meters of cargo in the body. The payload is 600 kg. It is practical that the maximum permissible trailer load is 1.5 tons (brake). This applies to the standard length (L1, 4.48 meters) as well as the next long version (L2, about 40 cm longer).

Renault reveals only the subtleties of the passenger car model later. The high-top electric station wagon was announced at the end of this year, initially for five and then for seven. Strom-Kangoo is being built at the Maubeuge plant, which is currently combined with the Douai and Ruitz sites to form an electronics cluster called ElectriCity.