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Fortnite: Chapter 5 begins, OG returns in 2024

Fortnite: Chapter 5 begins, OG returns in 2024

Fortnite has been a long-time favorite for many years, but the return of the original maps in Season OG has set records. Now a brand new Chapter 5 begins, but Season OG will also return in 2024.

Last night, Epic Games celebrated Fortnite’s mega-event “The Big Bang” with Eminem, bringing an end to the season of the OG, which took a major hit in its long-running success back in November. The number of players skyrocketed, and eventually, for the first time, more than 100 million players joined Fortnite in a single month.

Now, as of today, December 3, a brand new fifth chapter called “Underground” is on the agenda. The new chapter brings with it a brand new island with new points of interest. Thematically, the factions of society and the underground movement of the same name meet. Naturally, you also have new weapons and items to choose from. Weapons can now also be modified and of course there’s also a new Big Bang Battle Pass with cosmetic items.

The Hope Lock, which belongs to the underground, is opened automatically. As you level up in the Battle Pass, you can unlock additional costumes including Oscar, Vengeance Jones, Nisha, Montague, Peter Griffin, and Valeria.

Regardless, the success of Fortnite OG has not gone unnoticed by Epic Games. For this reason, it has now been confirmed in a short tweet that the well-known original map including Season OG will return in 2024. The roadmap has been adjusted accordingly.

The move isn’t entirely unexpected after Epic Games admitted that Season OG had exceeded their expectations. Aside from the classic battle royale mode, Fortnite will also be receiving three brand new live service games under the title in the coming days.

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Fortnite – Chapter 5 Trailer Launched

After last night’s big event, the release of Fortnite: Chapter 5 officially begins today.