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Repair!  Balázs Ekker returned to the “Dancing Stars” jury and a professional dancer was replaced

Repair! Balázs Ekker returned to the “Dancing Stars” jury and a professional dancer was replaced

Before the start of the new season of the ORF show “Dancing Stars” on March 3, some innovations were announced. This year the jury is made up of already known members Bad preaching And Maria Santer.

There is also a weekly changing notable guest judge. Behind the jury’s desk, for example, are musicians Cesar SampsonMusical star Mark Seibert and ballerina Rebecca Horner sat down

“The anticipation for the new ‘Dancing Stars’ season is immense. I am delighted to be able to accompany this fine show as a juror once again, to be able to look at the feet of eminent ladies and gentlemen, and most importantly, into their hearts. For me, it is the whole package that counts, Only those with the right commitment combined with the dance performance and personality will make it this far. The nominees are already very promising. I find Kareena’s participation particularly exciting – says Maria Santner:

“I think her decision is very brave, and she has to convince her with her dance. And then the question arises, will she be able to conquer the hearts of the Austrians? What on earth will Hannes Kartinge conjure up? How will he conjure the other? Candidates fare? Questions about questions, it’s going to be a great and emotional season for sure. And I’m looking forward to it!”

Ecker is also curious about what his former fellow jury member will do Karina Sarkisova On the dance floor is very good. “Yes, I am happy to see Kareena as a candidate.”

Professional dancers also had to make another change. Actually it would be yes Stephen Herzog He was there again, but he can’t come now due to lack of time. The new pro “Dancing Stars” is now jumping in for it Nicholas Wattle a.

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The secret of who will dance with whom will be revealed on Monday.