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ATV – Scheibbser Most Company turns up the heat

ATV – Scheibbser Most Company turns up the heat

Created on February 01, 2023 | 19:34

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Brass pop group The Most Company wants to conquer the country’s radio stations with their song “I drah auf.” The song is already on ATV. Klaus Ascher (trombone, St. Pantaleon), Robert Kirschbaumer (trumpet, Verschnitz), Philipp Schägerl (electric guitar, chips), Tom Post (vocals, Styria), Werner Raubik (drums, milk), Klaus Heinzel (trumpet, Buchlaren) Richard Meissner (bass, Vienna) (from left).

Daniel Schalas / Inshot Amstetten Loft creative agency

DrThe Most Company brings a powerful sign to life with a delightful new video. “I drah auf” can also be heard on ATV.

Soon you will hear a song by Mostviertel on ATV for six weeks. “I drah auf,” Most Company’s new song, will be played as the background sound of ATV TV highlights for six weeks beginning February 2nd.

The song with the refrain “Turn the radio up loud, it’s pouring on the lyads” is a real feel-good song. Pop Brass Band’s message: The right music saves even a day filled with trouble, misfortune, and frustration. Singer Tom Post’s powerful voice and the strong brass sound typical of Most Company ensure a catchy quality. The song will be on ATV from February 3. For ATV, we had to change the text a bit and replace the word “radio” with the word “TV.” “Everything else is the same,” says band leader and guitarist Philippe Schägerl of Chips. With great interest in the single and that we have a foot in the door with ATV.” From February 6, Most Company will also be performing at ATV Musiktipps. Mostviertel Power, also on ATV, will be performed as a band in the fall.

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From February 3, there will be an “I drah auf” including a video on YouTube and all popular download platforms. “The album of the same name will be released in the fall,” reveals Philippe Chagrel. “There will probably be a single before the album is released.” The guitarist says there’s also a lot of interest from radio stations. Fans can also promote “I drah auf”. “Share it on Facebook and hope it’s on the radio,” Schagerl asks. There is a preview of the video with “Making Of” on the band’s Facebook page.