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Report: Biden proposed to Netanyahu a three-day ceasefire

Report: Biden proposed to Netanyahu a three-day ceasefire

US President Joe Biden informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that a three-day ceasefire could lead to the release of some hostages, according to a media report. Axios reported this, citing American and Israeli circles.

According to an informed source in the United States, the United States, Israel, and Qatar discussed a proposal for the extremist Islamic movement Hamas to release between 10 and 15 of its hostages.

During this ceasefire, the identities of all hostages can be verified and a list of their names can be prepared. The United States has not yet commented on the Axios report.

The G7 calls for expanding humanitarian aid to Gaza

Delegations said that a humanitarian ceasefire was also a topic in the deliberations of the G7 foreign ministers. This tour also called for expanding humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip. There was “large agreement” on this matter.

German delegations also said that the G7 wants to closely coordinate its efforts to release the hostages kidnapped by Hamas to Gaza. All participants stressed Israel’s right to self-defense under international humanitarian law.

There was consensus on the need to prevent the outbreak of a regional fire, and the need to coordinate considerations related to the next day within the framework of the G7 round, as well as with Israel and the countries of the region.

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