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Report: Bulgaria threatens to veto oil embargo

According to a media report, Bulgaria is threatening to veto the planned package of sanctions against Russia if the southeastern European Union country does not get an exemption from the planned oil embargo against Russia. This was reported yesterday by the private Nova TV station in Sofia.

According to Nova, the EU Commission has submitted an amendment to the sanctions plan that proposes including Hungary, Slovakia and Poland exemptions. But this was not proposed for Bulgaria. Nova stated that if Bulgaria was not added to the exceptions, it would veto it. She added that there was a “red flag” from Sofia.

The only refinery in the country is owned by Lukoil

Bulgaria has only one oil refinery owned by the Russian oil company Lukoil. The facility, located near the Black Sea city of Burgas, processes about half of Russia’s oil as the European Union’s most important fuel resource.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Asin Wasiliu explained that from a purely technological point of view, Bulgaria can do without Russian oil. But this would increase fuel prices significantly.

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