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Report: Suspected Russian spy analyzed wiretaps

Report: Suspected Russian spy analyzed wiretaps

According to a media report, the alleged Russian double agent in the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is said to be a senior employee of the top-secret foreign technical reconnaissance of Germany’s foreign intelligence service. The news magazine “Focus” (online edition) reported today, citing information from the Berlin security services, that in this job he also had access to information from Western partner services.

According to the report, Karsten L. A senior government employee with access to sensitive information. As an assessment specialist, he was apparently responsible for analyzing all the operations and information that the BND had gained through wiretapping around the world.

It added that the material that was available to L also included results of friendly partner services obtained during the wiretaps. These include the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters Interceptor Service (GCHQ). So the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is very concerned that Karsten L. has also passed materials from friendly secret services to the Russians, Focus reports.

Karsten L. was revealed. Apparently in the BND itself, and then arrested on the instructions of the Federal Prosecutor. He is accused of treason. The authorities have not yet commented on the details for reasons related to investigation methods.

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