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Bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl: “Bringing light into the darkness, since…

Bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl: “Bringing light into the darkness, since…

The Bishop of Graz, Wilhelm Krautwaschl, warns against exaggerated expectations for reform at the Universal Synod. Churches are filled at Christmas with a longing for the answer to the question: “Will someone save me?”

Die Presse: I have been to Rome with the bishops. Somehow, what Christmas wishes did you express when you met Pope Francis?

Wilhelm Krautwaschl: What struck me during the two hours is that he is confident in himself despite everything he sees around the world and what he suffers from, starting with Ukraine. He has faith that good prevails. This is also something that expresses Christmas.

The bishops brought with them many of the concerns of Catholics. . .

Questions that were also mentioned in our report on the occasion of the Synod (Unequal treatment of women, more casual coding; editor’s note), We have said it over and over again in various departments. As with the Synod, we also heard the other side. Several departments said, “Please tell us what your concerns are.” There was no ban on speaking.

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