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Reporter legend Ernest Huberty has died

Reporter legend Ernest Huberty has died

“Mr. Sports Show” by Matt Ernest Huberty.

The longtime presenter and commentator passed away on Monday at the age of 96. “We sadly say goodbye to Ernest Huberty.”

In the name of ‘Mr. Sportschau, as the audience affectionately called him, was the first principal to have a decisive influence on this show: quiet, entertaining, with great earnestness. “Ernest Huberty will always be remembered not only as a sports presenter, but also as a sports reporter legend,” said WDR Director Tom Bohreaux.

“Ernst Huberty brought football into our living rooms in his very specific, sovereign way,” Bayern president Herbert Hainer said on the Standard Champions website. “Bayern Munich mourns with relatives”.

Huberty hosted the first Sports Show on June 4, 1961. He will never be forgotten as a commentator on the Game of the Century between Germany and Italy in the 1970 World Cup semi-final in Mexico (3:4 thereafter).

Huberty was born in Trier in 1927. After first working as a sports reporter and presenter at Südwestfunk in Baden-Baden, he came to WDR in 1957, where he became a member of the Hier und Heute editorial staff.

Three years later he moved to the sports department, running the sports show from 1961 to 1982 and commentating on live games. In 1970 he also took over the sports department of the WDR.

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