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Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise get free DLC

Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise get free DLC

When will the first Resident Evil Village DLC be released? – (C) Capcom – DG Photo Montage

Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise are expected to get free DLC packs soonAccording to Capcom’s annual report. While the document gives no indication of exactly what we can expect from the “additional content,” it does indicate that the Japanese developer/publisher may consider this strategy for other titles in the future.

subordinate DLC NS Resident Evil Village It has been in development at Capcom since June 2021 and will be released this year.

as nipoleon On Twitter in Capcom’s report, the explanation is as follows:

“We will also direct our customer management to understand game trends and user preferences while creating a business model to operate online, considering the status of our free additional content for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.”

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Capcom: Full Focus on Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise

No matter what Capcom does, it’s going to be great! The report says the Japanese allocate “80% of the development investment budget” to both Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. So the two franchises will continue to receive strong support.

Monster Hunter Rise Coming soon to PC one year after the exclusive switch will expire. For Resident Evil Village, this could be a great opportunity to beat its predecessor. Resident Evil 7 has been sold over 10 million times so far.

Mrs. Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.  - (c) Capcom

Mrs. Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. – (c) Capcom

Resident Evil Village has sold 5 million times so far: DLC as a booster?

Capcom also confirmed in the same report that the current RE title is on its way to becoming the best-selling game in the series. The game has sold 5 million since its release in May and is performing better than RE7. By the way, the best-selling Capcom game of all time is Monster Hunter World with more than 20 million copies sold.

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If you’ve never played Resident Evil Village, you have the chance to do it again! Just in time for Halloween Capcom 60 minute trial unlocked again!

Monster Hunter Rise Currently available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, a PC release is scheduled for January 12th. Resident Evil Village is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.