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Retzer Kalvarienberg shortly before completion –

Retzer Kalvarienberg shortly before completion –

“Archaeological site”

In Ritz (Holabrunn district) there is one of the most artistically valuable corpses in the country. The Baroque masterpiece has been restored step by step over the past few years, and the work is now nearing completion.

The Ritz Way of the Cross is visually stunning and poignant, down to the last detail, and is located high above the city near the windmill. When Jacob Cyr, Eggenburg's master mason, received the commission nearly 300 years ago, a near-masterful work of art was created that remains impressive today – especially since Golgotha ​​has been so harmoniously restored over the past 10 years.

The most complex phase was the Crucifixion Group, the most prominent design of the Stations of the Cross, which has now been almost completely restored. The state, federal and municipal governments have helped pay for the costs, and there is also significant support from residents for the steel array: a third of the total costs, nearly 60,000 euros, have so far come from donations alone, says Felix Wiklicki, a city councilor. To protect the memorial in the Ritz.

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This made it possible not only to carry out conservation measures, but also to carry out reconstructions identical to the original. For example, a character in the steel set was restored to arms and hands that had been lost over time.

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Restored railings and some pictorial additions will soon be installed, in keeping with the overall image of about 300 years ago. Thanks to the restoration, the Stations of the Cross are still firmly entrenched in the customs of the people of Retz. Stations of the procession of the Cross and the Stations of the Cross are held for children, with an explanation of the stations of the Rosary.

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Golgotha ​​is not only a cultural heritage, but also an important religious heritage for the Ritz, Wielicki says. On May 1, Calvary Ritz will be blessed in a Mass, followed by celebrations at the subsequent Windmill Festival.