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There are hardly any legal options if messages are delivered incorrectly

There are hardly any legal options if messages are delivered incorrectly


Messages that are delivered incorrectly or not delivered at all can not only cause trouble for the recipient, but may also result in costs. However, according to RTR, customers have hardly any legal options to take action against such errors.

In the latest case from Salzburg-Barsch, a number of invoices were not delivered or were delivered incorrectly over a long period of time, causing a reminder fee of more than one hundred euros. The postal service reimbursed little for undelivered registered letters and nothing at all for other bills, the mail customer said.

In such cases, options are limited, as Wolfgang Weil, head of the legal department at the broadcasting and communications regulator RTR, said: “Only the sender of the package has a contract with the post office. The person who has the contractual relationship is also better protected under the law. This means that the recipient is left relatively alone in the face of the legal system.

Complaints are collected at RTR

Affected postal customers must still file a complaint with RTR about their delivery staff. The authority collects complaints about the post office. “If we discover such alleged delivery defects at a specific address three times a quarter, we will contact the postal service provider,” Viel says.

Attorney Viel advises all dissatisfied mail customers to carefully document delivery errors, because simply alleging errors is not enough to file a complaint.