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Reutte Merchants Team: Digital Coupon System Challenges Partners

Reutte Merchants Team: Digital Coupon System Challenges Partners

Reuttener Kaufgemeinschaft coupons are put to good use. They are often given as a practical gift that you can’t go wrong with. However, there are now serious changes in treatment.

Root. Good for (many) consumers, not easy to implement for partner companies: for legal reasons, it was not possible to continue the well-known coupon system. There was also a risk of counterfeiting and abuse. Therefore a new solution was researched and implemented with the support of local IT specialists.

Coupons are available in the web store

I’ve recently been able to purchase vouchers worth ten euros or more directly from the Reutte merchants’ home page and print them yourself. Payment is made using a credit or debit card.
You can print purchased coupons yourself in the format of your choice. By using a printed QR code or barcode, the value of coupons can be clearly identified and are counterfeit-resistant.

Sometimes complicated for businesses

The club management is convinced that this is a good thing for consumers. However, things become more complicated for member businesses because not all cash register systems can read coupons. During an information evening for member companies, the topic was discussed from different perspectives. There is currently no “one way” that solves all the problems facing member companies.

Uncomplicated for consumers

But this changes nothing for consumers: they can pay at many member businesses with vouchers that are now digitally based. Practical: You can use the coupon “in installments”, and the corresponding amount is always deducted. The value of the voucher will subsequently decrease until it is redeemed.

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Know better

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