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Reverse or shiver mode: Germany has to play against Portugal - European Football Championship 2021

Reverse or shiver mode: Germany has to play against Portugal – European Football Championship 2021

Facing a difficult task: national coach Jogi Loew (centre) and the German national team. © APA / dpa / Federico Gambarini

As with the 2018 World Cup, the German national team will play its second championship match at EM with an opening defeat.

Now it must be delivered. The German national football team has been under pressure due to the 0-1 loss in the European Championship to France against Portugal, national coach Joachim Loew wants to change the tide immediately on Saturday (6 pm). Otherwise, the round of 16 must tremble. Interesting: superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored a goal against Germany.

Initial position: Joachim Loew would gladly have done without this deja vu. As in the 2018 World Cup, the national team is quickly under pressure after the opening defeat. Contrary to Russia’s disaster, another defeat against the Portuguese, at least on Saturday night, does not mean that the tournament is over. Then it must be properly calculated until the group finals, whether it can still suffice for a round of 16 tickets as one of the top 4 players in the group. But there is also an easier way. With victory, Germany will once again have everything in its hands. Even winning the set would still be possible.

Staff and tactics: Tactics have changed. This was announced by Low. More motivation to move forward and stay more consistent in the opposite half. This is what the national coach calls for his offensive forces. Löw has not commented specifically on the staff. Joshua Kimmich is on the right instead of in the middle? It’s possible, even if the Bayern Munich professional doesn’t really like it. Kimmich’s statement was rather blunt: “The coach prepares the team so that the team is as successful as possible.”
Against Leroy Sane or Timo Werner instead of Kai Havertz? “You can make tactical changes in the same way, but you can also make changes,” Löw avoided answering. But one thing is clear: After the injury is broken, Leon Goretzka must provide energy as at least a power pack during the second half.

‘Portugal is not a one-man show’
Joachim Low

Discount: With the Portuguese, everything is different this time than in previous years. For the first time since the 2008 European Championship, Ronaldo and Co. managed to win the opening match once again by beating Hungary 3-0. So the defending champion comes to Munich with self-confidence. The house feature of DFB-Elf is not seen as a problem. In the fully occupied Puskas Square, the Hungarians were also preserved. There, Cristiano Ronaldo made the difference as the European Championship record man – but Portugal is more than its star. “Portugal is not a solo show,” Loew said. Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva (all from Manchester City), as well as Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) and Diogo Jota from Liverpool FC have Premier League experience. Even Eintracht Frankfurt striker Andre Silva has no place at the start. “Portugal has a tough quality, both as a team and individually,” said Kai Havertz.

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Date: Joachim Loew does not want to spoil his flawless record in Portugal shortly before his retirement from the German Football Association – even if yesterday’s results no longer matter, he explained. Since 2018, things have not gone well against a big team under him as coach of the Football Association. Three matches in the tournament, three victories, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been goalless and stunned. In 2008, Löw, who was removed from the stands, scored 3-2 in the EM quarter-finals, in 2012 Mario Gomez scored the only goal in the opening game of the European Championships, and in 2014 the 4-0 win in Salvador counted as the best. Kick-off to win the World Cup.

Security: After the failed Greenpeace protest Before the match in France with the injured in the emergency landing of a Paramotor plane at the Munich stadium, the police reinforced security measures. Instead of 1,000, 1,500 officers will be on duty this time, the police headquarters in the Bavarian capital announced. Security forces operate on the ground and in the air with a squadron of police and special forces helicopters. Compared to Tuesday’s match against France, more fans are expected in the city.

Author: dpa / am