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revival of the seventies

revival of the seventies

Were there other factors influencing besides the epidemic?

Another factor is fashion of course. Jeans can be worn to work, sneakers are a must and in many places neckties have been completely abandoned. Even in the home office, people like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The revival of 1970s design fits perfectly with today’s living conditions.

What distinguishes the style of living at this time in terms of interior design?

It is a mixture of modern and classic designer pieces, skillfully combined. A mixture of colours, patterns and strong materials can be seen – such as velvet, straw, wood and concrete. A nice change in times of pure white walls and gray beige living rooms! The 70s style was long rejected for its plastic furniture, as well as its orange color palettes. However, the 2022 version is more booked and downgraded. The focus is on form and materials, with hues and polychromatic concepts increasingly being used in terms of colour. Likewise, low upholstered furniture, which can be perfectly combined in open floor plans. At least one wall or wallpaper should not lose its color.

Did you bring us some ideas for classics from this style era, that would fit perfectly in today’s ’70s vibe?

Yes, in my view, I looked at six classics from the ’70s, which are still indispensable in interior design today.

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