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Rhaetian Railway sets a world record -

Rhaetian Railway sets a world record –

traffic movement

The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) successfully mastered the 25-kilometer UNESCO World Heritage route in Graubünden on Saturday afternoon, the longest passenger train in the world. The standard train was about two kilometers long and was driven by seven train drivers.

The standard route drove on a demanding mountain road to Alfaño (canton Graubünden). The nearly 3,000-ton train with 100 cars climbed nearly 800 meters on the UNESCO World Heritage Route Albula/Bernina, passed two spiral tunnels and two other loops and crossed the famous Landwasser Bridge near Villisor.

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late departure

First, the train departure was 20 minutes late. Apparently, the camera installed in the coupling caused problems, explained Renato Fasciatti, RhB director for the Keystone-SDA news agency. At that moment, he “trembled a lot” and thought: what if the record-breaking train did not leave until the Albula tunnel. After all, a massive weight “fell from his heart” at first.

Even with the planned test duration of 46 minutes, not everything went smoothly. The train took a total of one hour and ten minutes. Vassiatti suspected that the disembarkation of 150 invited guests at Bergogne took longer than planned, and that some security checks were still being carried out.

power plant

The commuter train produced so much electricity as it descended that it would cover the needs of a single family’s home for a year. In order not to overload the network, the train traveled at a reduced speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour. It was like a “mobile power plant,” Faciate said. Overall, the world record attempt consumed no more energy than a typical RhB working day.

The cost of the experiment is million

The cost of the grand event came largely from donations of one million Swiss francs. Faciate has praised his team and all the assistants for the success of this record. About 400 people took part in the fighting on Saturday. He is now thinking about how to celebrate the event with his staff.

A world record for the longest passenger train

The director of the railway company continued to try in a live broadcast. “I felt great joy, gratitude and relief,” he said. After a successful attempt, he received a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records in the marquee. The entry reads: “The longest narrow passenger train.” The organization’s representative traveled from Turkey on Friday and checked all relevant details on the website herself.