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Rheinmetall Group plans to set up a tank factory in Ukraine

German arms group Rheinmetall is negotiating to build a tank factory on Ukrainian soil. This could produce up to 400 Panther battle tanks per year, company president Armin Papperger of the Rheinische Post said today. He hopes to make a decision “in the next two months.”

“The Rheinmetall plant in Ukraine could be built for about 200 million euros,” Papberger said. As a result, the talks with the Ukrainian government are “promising”. Chief Rheinmetall said the country needed 600 to 800 tanks to achieve victory. In order for the Horde to come together, building new tanks had to start quickly. “Even if Germany gave up the 300 Leopard II tanks available to the Bundeswehr, it would still be too little.”

The head of Rheinmetall was convinced that the plant could also be protected from Russian air strikes: “It will not be difficult to protect it with anti-aircraft defense.”

Threats from Moscow

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev immediately threatened to attack the plant. The second-in-command of the Russian Security Council wrote on Telegram that the opening of the plant “will be duly celebrated with the firing of Calibers and other fireworks.” Kalibr are Russian guided missiles that can be launched from aircraft, ships, submarines, and land.

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