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Rhythmic gymnastics – New Austrians dominate the state championships in St. Pölten

Rhythmic gymnastics – New Austrians dominate the state championships in St. Pölten

Six elite state titles were awarded at the state rhythmic gymnastics championships at the weekend in St. Pölten. Five of them — the all-around and team on Saturday, and the apparatus finals with hoop, ball and ribbon on Sunday — were won by Serafima Sitnikova, a 15-year-old from Wiener Neustadt. Only with the clubs did the dominant Ukrainian expelled player open the door to success for others due to a mistake. Julie Newman (Korneuburg) claimed her second title after the joint Lower Austria team success with Sitnikova.

The silver medal in the all-around went to Julie Newman (2023 winner, 113.200 points) and the bronze to Dina Mironskaya (108.050). After her apparent success, Sitnikova said: “I'm happy with myself, but actually I can do better!”

Elite individual silver medals went to Newman (2) and Vienna's Dina Mironskaya (3), and bronze to Sitnikova (1), Newman (1), Dina Mironskaya (2), and her twin sister Arina Mironskaya (1). Among the juniors, Amanda Jantsky from Wiener Neustadt (4 golds) and Melina Mark (2 golds) from Rothes stood out. With the exception of Mark from Vorarlberg, who only joins on special occasions, all the gymnasts and other team members train together at the Federal Training Center in Vienna Stadlau.

Experts had previously expected an exciting five-way tournament between Sitnikova (Lower Austria), Neumann (Lower Austria), Dominig Ozemich (St), and twin sisters Dina and Arina Mironskaya (West). In the end, things turned out differently because, on the one hand, the points gap in the tense standings was much too large to be described as close due to mistakes made by those who finished second onwards. On the other hand, Anna Scheidel (Lower Austria) joined the expected top quintet with a very successful four-way battle against Arina Mironskaya in fifth place.

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Only the rankings of first and second places Sitnikova and Newman remained unchanged throughout the competition. For three-quarters of the competition, 2022 champion Valentina Dominj-Ozemich held third place before having to let Dina Mironskaya pass her. Sports director Gabriella Wilko Gosek was also surprised that it was not as close as expected. “The person with the best nerves won today,” she said. Austrian Gymnastics President Professor Friedrich Manseder was excited about the competition in his hometown of St. Pölten: “We saw excellent performances, which makes me very optimistic about the future of our best gymnasts, all of whom are still young.”


Elite/State Championships

  • in all areas: 1. Serafima Sitnikova (ATV Wr. Neustadt), 2. Julie Neumann (ATUS Korneuburg), 3. Dina Mironskaya (TV Wien-Mariahilf).
  • Tires: 1. Serafima Sitnikova, 2. Dina Mironskaya, 3. Julie Newman.
  • ball: 1. Serafima Sitnikova, 2. Julie Newman, 3. Dina Mironskaya.
  • Clubs: 1. Julie Newman, 2. Dina Mironskaya, 3. Serafima Sitnikova.
  • Tape: 1. Serafima Sitnikova, 2. Dina Mironskaya, 3. Arina Mironskaya (Vienna Mariahilf TV).
  • Team ranking: 1. Lower Austria (Serafima Sitnikova, Julie Newman, Anna Scheidel), 2. Vienna (Arina and Dina Mironskaya), 3. Styria (Valentina Dominij-Ozemich, Viktoria da Silva, Livia Jasic).

Junior Championship/Austria

  • in all areas: 1. Milena Mark (TS Röthis/V), 2. Amanda Jantsky (ATV Wr. Neustadt), 3. Viola Brimel (ÖTB Linz).
  • ball: 1. Amanda Jantsky, 2. Milena Mark, 3. Amira Kasimov (Vienna Victory RG).
  • Tires: 1. Amanda Jantsky, 2. Milena Mark, 3. Ksenia Dvorniak (TSV Unity Vienna).
  • Tape: 1. Amanda Gantsky, 2. Ksenia Dvorniak, 3. Julia Millman (FAC Getty – City Stockerau).
  • Clubs: 1. Milena Mark, 2. Amanda Jantsky, 3. Magdalena Bamminger (ÖTB Linz).
  • ÖM junior team standings: 1. Lower Austria (Amanda Jantsky, Julia Mehlmann, Franziska Pestiner, Samantha Oswald), 2. Vorarlberg (Milena Mark, Giovanna Niederbaker, Melia Uygur), 3. Upper Austria (Viola Bremel, Ersi Cabaj, Magdalena Bamminger, Sophie Gangl).