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The ÖEHV striker makes his debut against Switzerland

The ÖEHV striker makes his debut against Switzerland

The good thing about the World Cup is that you don't have long to think about it after defeats. After a bitter 5-1 defeat to Denmark, they face Switzerland today (8:20pm, ORF Sport+). The opponent is equipped with eight NHL slots, including Nashville star Roman Josi. The Swiss are the favorites anyway, and every Austrian knows that. “We know our role here, it rarely changes in any match. But we have to react to the Denmark match and at least act differently.

There will be a change because of coach Roger Badr, who, as usual, does not show his hand. Benjamin Baumgartner will be up front today, for the first time in a World Cup. Badr said that he was a little sick two days ago, “and we did not think it would be a good idea to allow him to play twice within 24 hours.”

It is impossible to play Madliner

David Madlener was the last to start in goal and should remain number one throughout the tournament. It is still unclear whether David Kickert will play today or Tuesday against Canada. It is clear that Madlener will not be given seven matches at this level and with this intensity.

North America's Themo Nickel also arrived today and was nominated as the 22nd field player. For Ramon Schnitzer, who has not yet been registered, it also means that he is doomed to watch the World Cup because the quota has been exhausted.