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Riot unveils new gameplay impressions of the League of Legends fighting game

As part of its developer diary, Riot Games is revealing new gameplay impressions for the upcoming League of Legends fighting game with the working title Project L.

We see some hot fight scenes between LoL champions Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, and Illaoi. Takes a closer look at the mechanics and focus of Project L.

Project L: The awesome tag team system promises creative combat operations

The footage shown is the deepest look we’ve seen of Project L to date. The new video about melee gameplay in the League of Legends universe focuses on the introduced tags and assist systems, which will be the focus of the game in the future. There are some new moves that fit these heroes quite nicely.

Project L was originally intended as a purely single-player fighting game, as explained by Riot Games’ Shaun “Unconkable” Rivera. However, over time, a tag team system developed from this, which consists of two fighters for each team, who must be able to support each other during action-packed matches. While Riot Games announced this change a while ago, we didn’t know how closely the characters would relate to each other.

Similarities to League of Legends can be recognized

The various interactions between the characters serve as an example of what the tag team claim Project L is making in the video: for example, Jinx sets a trap that her ally Ekko throws at her opponent Darius, while Ahri throws her opponents into the air in order to knock-out partner Darius can knock them down again. In the next moment.

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In addition, Project L will offer a system that allows players to switch between their character and assistant in seconds, while both are on screen at the same time. There will also be a tag team based combo breaker to help players get out of particularly bad situations.

While delving specifically into the dynamic mechanics of Project L and explaining why picking gameplay is the right path for a LoL brawler, both games are also directly compared. Team battles are central to League of Legends as they provide the most exciting moments in the game as each team’s champions combine their skills and attacks for powerful combos against their enemies.

The release date is still unknown

One would think that Project L is now slowly but surely moving towards release, but with the latest video, Riot has kept its promise of wanting to deliver an update to the fighting game later this year.

Accordingly, unfortunately there is no set release period and we do not yet know if Project L is the correct name for the League of Legends branch.

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