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Riots after the World Cup semi-finals –

Police arrested about 100 people during riots in Brussels following Morocco’s defeat in the World Cup semi-finals. The Belga News Agency, quoting police, reported that these were due to disturbance of public order, damage to two police vehicles and illegal possession of fireworks.

Traffic has been banned in parts of the city center as a precaution. Clashes also took place in Antwerp. Several people have also been arrested here. Several police officers in riot gear and piles of burning rubbish can be seen in images from the Belgian capital from the night. However, Bielga’s photos also showed the residents starting to clean up the streets of rubbish in the evening.

Clashes in France

Fans’ celebrations in some French cities got out of control after the national team reached the World Cup final. Although the vast majority celebrated peacefully with a 2-0 win over Morocco in the semi-finals, hooligans and police briefly clashed on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, media reported. Police said 115 people were arrested on the sidelines of the celebrations in the greater Paris area.

In Montpellier, fireworks fans from both sides shot each other. Meanwhile, there was also talk of a tense situation in Lyon.

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