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Rita b(a)ik(t): All about sourdough – Rita reveals the secret

Rita b(a)ik(t): All about sourdough – Rita reveals the secret

spend. Have you ever baked with sourdough? This gives the bread its own flavour. Many love him, many hate him. but why? Because sourdough can be bitchy sometimes.

The sourdough problem

I’ve tried it twice too. I love baking bread and I love sourdough bread. But somehow I have the feeling that if you don’t constantly take care of the sourdough, it takes it very badly and you don’t have any more.

With Rita I was on it Blog I recently found something. Post about sourdough. I will definitely try again now. And I don’t want to deprive you of everything you need to know about sourdough. Maybe then they’ll be eager to try again with him.

5 days increment

It takes 5 days to produce the sourdough according to Rita’s instructions.
Day 1 : Mix 50g of rye flour and 50g of water in a clean bowl and leave covered overnight at room temperature.

The second to fourth day : Add 50g of rye flour and 50g of water every day, mix with a wooden spoon, cover and leave again. From the third day, the sourdough starts to smell funny. That should be the case and that’s a good thing.

Day 5 : Take the sourdough and start baking.

Now it depends. After all, you didn’t grow your sourdough for 5 days and then use everything at once. You want the sourdough to last longer. Some have had sourdough for years in the “Family owned“.

So what do you do with the finished sourdough?

Feed before use

Important: always leave some sourdough. This can be put in a jar with a lid in the fridge, for example. they call himyeastIf you won’t bake longer, you should turn the starter once a week.

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Before you use it again for baking, you have to “feedand activate it. Simply add 50g water and 50g flour the day before and leave it at room temperature. Typical bubbles form again and you can use them.

But beware. Don’t forget to put some back in the fridge.