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Rocket League – Presents Season 4

The newest vehicle, the Outlaw, is still roaming free and required to boost theft and seek destruction. Get it with the Rocket Pass Premium and also get more than 70 categories of top-notch loot – the best this side of Deadeye Canyon! Including the ‘Noname’ roof accessory, ‘Tanker’ wheels, ‘Amikoo’ sticker and ‘Lava’ missile track! Check them out at the bottom of the octane!

As always, Rocket Pass Premium owners will get an XP boost as well as additional weekly and seasonal challenges. Complete it and collect experience and items as a reward!

Raising dust in the dead canyon

Welcome to the new Deadeye Canyon arena! Check out this awesome arena in the teaser above and step into the dusty starting slots of all Season 4’s standard playlists!

Extended Competitive Tournaments

The schedule of competitive tournaments will be expanded for all regions! rejoice Additional tournaments, which includes 2v2 tournaments and an extra mode, among others. Find out every day on the game board the next additional mode and at what time it starts. The tournament rewards have also been updated for the new season! Put your team together and join the tournament.

LTMS on the horizon

On August 12, one day after the start of Season 4, LTM 2v2 Heatseeker begins. Next, you should look for a new LTM on August 19th, demon speed call! We will be sharing all the details about this new mode shortly before its release. The autumnThe Rumble variant, currently available as a mutated option in private games, will also be added to the LTM offering later this month.

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New features and changes with this update

“Safe Music Live Streaming”

A new audio setting has been added that allows you to hide copyrighted music. This allows content creators to prevent their streams or videos from becoming unavailable due to DMCA violations. If you check the “Streamer Safe Music (Only)” checkbox in the audio settings, DMCA-protected audio files will be muted or replaced with freely available music. This setting affects Rocket League Radio and player anthems.

Classification limitations for very small groups

After the update, players who want to queue up ranked playlists in a very small group (two players in standard 3v3 competitive games or a standard 3v3 tournament) may have teams of up to three rows. This ensures that the third teammate found through the opponent’s research has a similar rank to his teammates. For example, Platinum II and Diamond III (Team Four) players cannot join the queue for standard 3v3 games. With the Platinum III and Diamond III ranks (the difference of the three ranks) this is possible without any problems. Entirely new players in a very small group can join the queue with players not exceeding Gold III rank.

This change does not take into account individual rank splits and does not affect groups of two who wish to queue 2v2, casual playlists, or add-on playlists. We hope this change will improve the competitive experience for those of you who are individually in the 3v3 queue.

Casual game improvements

We know it can be frustrating when your teammates leave unofficial matches prematurely, and we’ve done something to improve your experience. After the update, there is an option to forgo casual games just like competitive games. If all the players on the team vote to surrender, the casual game will end like a competitive game. With the ability to give in, we will also prevent players who repeatedly leave casual games from being matched. Players who occasionally leave casual games will not be penalized as long as they leave no more than one casual game per day. The length of the ban increases as the player leaves Casual Games. We hope that these and some other changes will improve the experience for players who prefer casual rather than competitive gameplay in Rocket League.

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Check out the full patch notes to learn more before the update is released.

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