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Rome Carnotum-Ruhrau: Director Constantina Bourdin is a guest at Heidenhaus

Rome Carnotum-Ruhrau: Director Constantina Bourdin is a guest at Heidenhaus

Host Dorlie Mohr welcomes Constantina Bordin, artistic director of Art Carnuntum since she was 25, for the “Rohrau Conversations” series on Sunday, June 16 at 10:30 a.m. The European Cultural Center in Delphi described Europe's youngest artistic director, now 27 years old, as “the voice of the future of European theatre.”

The thoughtful philosopher, Byzantine scholar, and Neo-Greek scholar combines aesthetic, social, and political concerns in her program. She sees theater primarily as a means of knowing and feeling: “The things we experience or know are raised to another level, because much of what we know we do not feel.”

Therefore, visiting the theater also has social significance and theater should be understood as a form of philosophical reflection, where ethical and moral problems are dealt with in both theater and philosophy. In a conversation with host Dorlie Mohr, Bourdain explains why including the region in the festival is important to her. In the amphitheater, above the excavations and reconstructions at Carnuntum, an ancient theater could have occurred here on an ancient site.

And it was that way for 35 years, when her father, Piero Bordin, founded the festival. From 1989 to today, theater greats such as Tadashi Suzuki, Robert Wilson, Peter Brook, Sir Peter Hall, Peter Sellars and Theodoros Trzespoulos personally come to Carnuntum to present their latest productions.

In addition to looking back at these successful festivals over 35 years, Bourdain would like to look forward to a future in which the region flourishes more consciously as an international center for artists, scholars and philosophers.

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Musical accompaniment is provided by the duo “Athens Café”. Hailing from Athens and now living in Vienna, Alexandra Aydonopoulou and Marius Anastasio are breaking new musical ground without losing sight of the original character of the music of their Greek homeland.

Rohrauer Talks is a collaboration between the Haydnregion of Lower Austria and the Rome Carnuntum Club.

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