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Will things continue after “Bad Boys 4”?  Will Smith talks about the future of the action series

Will things continue after “Bad Boys 4”? Will Smith talks about the future of the action series

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as a dream team in Bad Boys 4. But: Do fans now have to say their final goodbyes to the two police officers?

The wait is finally over: “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” It is now in cinemas. We last saw the action duo consisting of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence In 2020, “Bad Boys for Life,” which was such a hit with global box office receipts of $426.5 million despite the coronavirus pandemic that a sequel was quickly confirmed (via Box office mojo, IndieWire). We've already seen Bad Boys: Ride or Die. You can read how we found the film in our review:

With the fourth “Bad Boys” movie hitting theaters, it's natural for some fans to ask themselves if that's the case Another sequel And whether Smith and Lawrence will reprise their roles. It would be entirely conceivable that younger characters like Vanessa Hudgens (“tick, knock… BOOM!”), Alexander Ludwig (“Vikings”) and Jacob Scipio (“The Expendables 4”) are Smith and Lawrence's characters in future works of the franchise. Franchise replaces. The two have now provided information about the matter – and fans can be hopeful. Reverse Hollywood Reporter Smith said the following:

“we've got Maybe another oneBefore we step down.”

Lawrence added jokingly:

“The back hasn't arrived yet, so before that happens, let's do this— We don't give up yet“.

We caught up with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for an interview and asked them to guess some of the curses of German cars. You can see the video here:

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence They are the absolute dream team

The main motivation for “Bad Boys 5” is undoubtedly there The friendship between Lawrence and Smith. The two first worked together in the 1995 film “Bad Boys.” Since then, the two have maintained a friendship that has lasted nearly 30 years, which Smith talked about:

“Friendship starts as a seed, if you water it properly, it can reach 30 years in the blink of an eye. These kinds of relationships need nurturing. It is a godsend to be able to have such an unconditional relationship in front of the camera and in your free time.

In Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the two actors also had fun playing the police dream team of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett once again. “We love working with each other,” Lawrence said, while Smith recalls:

“When we got on set, we were literally rushing the first day and Martin was like, ‘Man, slow down a little bit. ” We will enjoy this'. He determined from day one that we would come together and make sure that we did not miss the beauty of this opportunity that we had to work together.

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We can only hope that Martin and Lawrence will appear in front of the camera again in “Bad Boys 5.” Now you have the chance to see them on the big screen in the movie “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” By the way, all three previous Bad Boys films are available to stream on Netflix, for example by subscribing to MagentaTV. With the current offering, MagentaTV gives you a standard Netflix subscription with ads plus RTL+ Premium and more. For the first six months, this offer is available at no additional charge.

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