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RTL+ broadcasts three drag queens via America –

RTL+ broadcasts three drag queens via America –

“Drag Me to America”: Ivanka D., Eliza Fleur and Vivienne Lovecraft

Image: RTL

Three drag queens embark on an epic journey into the unknown for RTL+. “Track Me to the USA” is the motto of the new format, which will premiere on September 29 with the streaming provider. In three episodes of 30 minutes each, Eliza Fleur, Miss Ivanka D and Vivienne Lovecraft are on the road in the land of limitless possibilities and experience all kinds of wild and crazy adventures in the pulse of the queer community.

According to RTL+, the unusual journey takes the three queens from a colorful Mardi Gras in New Orleans through a German-born city in the heart of Texas to an unexpected travel zone in the middle of the desert. Los Angeles has almost forgotten transit hotspots and a world of glamorous glitz. Meetings with inspiring people form the backbone of the road trip, but drag queens get to know each other. After all, the three did not know each other beforehand and had never been to America.

Miss Ivanka D (26) is known for her flawless makeup and drag queen residency at the SchwuZ club in Berlin. He also hosts the gay format “GAG – The Podcast” alongside “Prince Charming” nominee Robin Solf. Vivienne Lovecraft (31) was born in the Philippines but has lived in Germany for over 25 years. He has been out of touch with his family for more than a decade, but hopes to reconnect one day. By day Vivienne works at a creative agency in Berlin and by night becomes a drag queen. Eliza Fleur (27) is from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. By his own account, traction saved his life. He is now active in many fields including entertainment, podcasting, educational videos and social media activism to dance.

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The journey for the three drag queens began in the spring of 2022, with a big reunion party yet to come at the well-known SchwuZ club in Berlin. “Track Me to the USA” is the responsibility of eitelsonnenschein GmbH on behalf of RTL+, the producers are Lutz Heineking jr. and Marco Giles.