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Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy: Trump confidant owes a lot of damages – Politics

Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy: Trump confidant owes a lot of damages – Politics

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy. This emerges from a court document. The 79-year-old is reportedly in debt with legal fees running into millions. He also has to pay income tax.

Giuliani filed for bankruptcy protection, citing debts of up to $500 million and assets of up to $10 million.

Last week, a judge awarded an associate of former President Donald Trump $148 million in damages for libeling two former campaign workers. After the 2020 presidential election, Giuliani falsely claimed that aides threw out ballots for Trump and counted fake papers for Democrat Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that Giuliani must pay restitution immediately and not wait another month, as is customary. informs The New York Times. In the meantime, there are concerns that he may be hiding his assets.

Citing that Giuliani is now filing for bankruptcy, “it should come as no surprise to anyone.” The New York Times His political advisor was Ted Goodman. No one could have believed that Giuliani could pay such a large fine. Filing for bankruptcy gives him the opportunity and time to appeal the judgment and ensures transparency in his finances under the supervision of the bankruptcy court.

Both women were threatened

Two election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss, filed a lawsuit against Giuliani in the state of Georgia. Both mother and daughter testified before a congressional committee investigating the attack on the Capitol, which drew national attention. People threatened her and wished her dead, Moss said. The two black women accused Giuliani's claims of destroying their reputations and leading to numerous racist threats against them. A jury in Washington found them right.

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Following their victory, Freeman and Moss sued Giuliani again this week. By filing an injunction in court, they want to ensure that the 79-year-old is not allowed to defame them in the future. Plaintiffs accuse Giuliani of continuing to spread the same falsehoods he's already been sued for. His denial makes it clear he intends to continue the targeted defamation and harassment, the suit says.