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US: Woman with two wombs gives birth to twins

US: Woman with two wombs gives birth to twins

A woman with two wombs in the US gave birth to twins. “Our miracle babies are born!” declared the 32-year-old Kelsey Hatcher, who documented her unusual pregnancy on Instagram on Friday. The two girls not only grew up in different wombs, but were born on different days: Roxy Laila was born at 7:49pm (local time) on Tuesday, while Rebel was born in Laken at 6:09am on Wednesday.

Her daughters believe they are so “statistically unique” that “they should have their own birthdays,” Hatcher wrote.

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The woman has already been discharged from the hospital

According to Hatcher's obstetrician's calculations, the babies should be born on Christmas. Now they've been born early enough to be home with their siblings for the holidays: Hatcher and the twins are doing so well they've already been released from University Hospital Birmingham in the US. Alabama were fired.

Hatcher plans to release details about the delivery at a later date.

Hatcher has known since she was 17 that she had two ovaries. About 0.3 percent of all women suffer from the rare birth defect uterine didelphys.

In May, Hatcher, already a mother of three, had an ultrasound scan eight weeks into her pregnancy and learned she was pregnant with twins this time — and that each baby was growing in its own womb.

An unusual event

According to Hatcher's gynecologist, having two ovaries is even rarer Shweta Patel Simultaneous pregnancy in both ovaries.

So the probability is 1 in 50 million. The last known case was in Bangladesh in 2019, when 20-year-old Arifa Sultana gave birth to twins 26 days apart.

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