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Rules and options in the heartbeat final for four clubs for three places in the playoffs on Sunday – German Bundesliga

Rules and options in the heartbeat final for four clubs for three places in the playoffs on Sunday – German Bundesliga

Without immediately turning into a mathematician, even if everything needs to be well thought out, how do you see potential arithmetic games in the final basic round of Admiral of the Bundesliga In allocating the remaining three places to the championship round? Four clubs at home in a row: Austria Klagenfurt (4th place, 30 points), Austria Vienna (V, 30 points), Rapid Vienna (sixth, 28 points) and SV Guntamatic Red (VII, 28 points). Here are the options for the clubs involved in a possible eventual ‘finish of the picture’… and the rules of the Bundesliga.

Violet flowers bloom in spring: Austria Vienna in spring, with three victories, and above that “from scratch” at the top … has the best chances in the playoff round.

SK Austria Klagenfurt was nominated in the main group:

  • defeating Rapid
  • Draw against Rapid
  • In the defeat to Rapid, if Austria loses Vienna 5th or 7th Raid

FK Austria Wien in the main group:

  • By winning the penultimate football match Flyeralarm Admira in Südstadt
  • With a draw in FC Flyeralaram Admira
  • With a defeat in FC Flyeralarm Admira if the sixth SK Rapid team or seventh SV Ried does not win

SK Rapid in the hero group

  • defeating Austria, Klagenfurt
  • Draw with Austria Klagenfurt if Siebte SV Ried does not win
  • With Austria losing Klagenfurt if Red loses seventh

SV Ried in the main group:

  • A home win over second-placed SK Storm Graz
  • Draw with SK Sturm Graz if SK Rapid loses

In 3 out of 4 seasons since the league reform, it was decided to participate in the main group on the last day of the final round.

Direct duels as the first decision criterion

Tension is now a welcome routine, but setting equal points is new. Decide this year In the event that two or more teams have the same number of points, head-to-head duels are the first decision criterion.

Ranking in detail according to the laws of the Bundesliga:

  1. Live Duel (1.1. Points | 1.2. Goal difference | 1.3. Goals scored | 1.4. Away goals) -> … If several teams have the same number of points, an internal table is created for all direct duels.
  2. Higher goal difference
  3. More goals scored
  4. More wins
  5. More number of wins outside the guest
  6. More goals scored in away matches

Photo: Joseph Barak

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