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Rumour: Google Pixel 8 is getting a desktop mode

Rumour: Google Pixel 8 is getting a desktop mode

If Google sticks to the presentation dates of previous generations, the Pixel 8 series should be presented in October this year. There are expected to be two direct successor models to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The model is a little further out of line, as it’s usually introduced later, as was the case with the Google Pixel 7a at this year’s Google I/O in May. If anything, the Pixel 8a is unlikely to follow until next year. On the other hand, rumors claim that after the Pixel 7a, a new series will end up in Google.

The focus is initially on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. According to recent rumors, the Pixel 8 series will get a desktop mode.

Pixel 8: Desktop mode conceivable

The successor to the Pixel 7 (Image: Pixel 7 Pro) should have a desktop mode

Android Authority You want to know that Google wants to implement a desktop mode for future Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. This allows the phone to connect to an external display. In combination with the keyboard and mouse, the adapted screen can be used, for example, to use office programs or for more comfortable browsing through the browser.

This is nothing new. Notable representatives of the desktop styles are Samsung with its Samsung DeX and Motorola with its “standby” platform. While Motorola works with a docking station, compatible Samsung smartphones can be connected directly via a USB-C (to HDMI) connection (and also wirelessly to TVs). According to rumors, this should also be possible for the next Pixel 8 generation.

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What else does the Pixel 8 offer?

Rumors and leaks about the Pixel 8 phone have surfaced earlier. Google is expected to install the next generation of Tensor chips in the fall batch. The potential functionality of being able to measure body temperature without contact with a smartphone is also interesting.

What the Pixel 8 Pro should look like was already revealed back in March. Accordingly, the screen should be smaller and the camera module is renewed.

The Pixel 7 Pro is still Google’s current smartphone flagship apart from the foldable section. You can read a detailed roundup of the Pixel 7 Pro’s performance in our camera test, among other things.

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