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"Runnin 'Down A Dream": Lucinda Williams singer Tom Beatty

“Runnin ‘Down A Dream”: Lucinda Williams singer Tom Beatty

As children in the 1950s, they both belong to a generation of artists, and are among the most respected songwriters in the United States, each with three Grammy Awards and several nominations: Lucinda Williams (68) and Tom Petty, who passed away on October 2, 2017. About this age of 67, she has a lot in common. A new album shows how deeply a musician from southern Louisiana has loved the world from California by choosing him.

Singer and guitarist Reibeisen, who has long surpassed her original place in pop music, translates 13 songs by her most famous colleague in an informal and unique way. “Runnin ‘Down A Dream” – after one of his countryman’s best songs – is the record-breaking title with the subtitle “A Tribute To Tom Petty”.

Even the cover is a bow, based on the artwork from Betty’s classic album and hit album “Full Moon Fever” (1989). In other respects, too, Williams strives to draw close to the original in his loving, sometimes calm, and sometimes melancholic versions. Nobody has to fear the tortured transformation of Americana‚Äôs earthy little voice into electric pop, reggae, soul or theater.

The last time Lucinda Williams starred in her own songs was last year, about the politically charged rock of “Good Souls Better Angels”. In the next few months, it wants to introduce a series of CD / vinyl albums with foreign material under the tagline “Lu’s Jukebox” after Tom Petty Tribute.

Whether it’s Southern soul music (“From Memphis To Muscle Shoals & More”), Dylan’s songs (“Bob’s Back Pages”), 1960s country classics, Christmas carols, or “It’s Only Rock And Roll: A Tribute To The Rolling Stones”: With all these credits, you can be sure that great Americana musician Lucinda Williams will run it too.

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