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"She is a child!"  - Freak Network from Katie Price - People

“She is a child!” – Freak Network from Katie Price – People

Katie Price crossed a line with the new photo of her daughter Princess. The post hits waves on social media.

Reality TV Star Katie Price (42) uses headwinds. In the past, she has always caused problems in society through her social media posts. Another thunderstorm is now dumped onto her Instagram channel after Bryce posted a picture of her make-up daughter Princess (13). Because while other teen girls at this age search for the perfect eyeliner and lipstick themselves, Bryce turns their daughter into an exaggerated lolita with doll makeup.

Horror after posting to Instagram

“I love my beautiful princess, who grew up so much,” Price excitedly under the photo of her daughter tracing her lips. But, by contrast, users give little thought to the presentation. “The princess is beautiful by nature, she does not need a lot of makeup!” It is one of the quieter comments below the post. Elsewhere you press a completely different key.

“Oh my God, she is a child, not a doll!” One user writes in panic and this scene is too much for another follower. “I’ve always been a big fan of you, Katie, but that’s too much.” Many are concerned about what this distorted view of teen self-image is doing. “Don’t teach her that she is beautiful only when she is formed and filtered,” called Celebrity Mother Katie’s followers of conscience. After all, the princess, whom Price married from her marriage to singer Peter Andre (48), is already on her Instagram account.

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