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Dangerous tropical storm heading towards Cuba and the United States

Over the weekend, the United States and Cuba anticipate the next tropical storm – which could develop into a hurricane. Authorities warn of life-threatening floods

In the Caribbean, a dangerous tropical storm is approaching the coasts of Cuba and the US Gulf. The U.S. Hurricane Center (NHC) issued a hurricane warning for the states of Louisiana and Mississippi on Friday night (local time). According to forecasts, the tropical storm “Ida” will strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend and then make landfall on the U.S. coast as a hurricane on Sunday evening.

On Friday morning, the NHC announced that “Ida” would be blowing at 65 kilometers per hour in the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean. From there, the storm will move further northwest at a speed of about 19 kilometers per hour, and then move across western Cuba. Authorities there warned of heavy rain and a life-threatening storm.

In Louisiana, Governor John Bell Edwards declared a state of emergency. “I hope and pray that the storm does not bring destruction to our state, but we must be prepared for the power of the storm,” he wrote on Twitter.

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