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Russia announces new drone attacks in Crimea

Russia announces new drone attacks in Crimea

Information received from Moscow indicated that Ukraine again attacked the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia. The Russian Information Agency quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that the air defense destroyed 11 enemy drones. In addition, five Ukrainian naval drones that attacked a Russian warship in the Black Sea were intercepted.

Serious explosions were reported to have occurred near the city of Evpatoria, according to the opposition Crimeanwind channel on Telegram. Evpatoria is located on the western coast of Crimea and is considered a health resort.

Just one day ago, Ukrainian armed forces attacked the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based. According to Ukrainian information, a Russian landing ship and a submarine were hit.

Ukraine wants to regain Crimea

Crimea is important for supplying Russian invading forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated that the goal is to return not only Russia-occupied areas on the mainland, but also Crimea under Ukrainian control.

According to the Russian Armed Forces, air defense units also shot down Ukrainian drones in the Bryansk and Belgorod regions of southern Russia.

Russian news agencies, citing local officials and the Ministry of Defense, reported that five drones were destroyed over Bryansk and one over Belgorod.

Ukraine also reported drone attacks. The Ukrainian Air Force said on the Telegram application that 17 out of 22 Russian drones that attacked areas in the south, north and center of the country were intercepted. The information provided by the warring parties cannot be independently verified.

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