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Russia recognizes the attack on the port of Odessa

After the denial, Russia has now admitted to attacking the port of Odessa. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced today that the target was “military infrastructure”. The attack came hours after the warring factions signed an agreement to allow the export of grain that bans attacks on ports. Meanwhile, Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleh Ustenko said exports are now more difficult.

The attack was denied the day before

According to Turkish sources, Moscow said yesterday that it had nothing to do with the attack. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “high-precision” Kalibr weapons were used in the attack. Military infrastructure, specifically a Ukrainian warship, was destroyed.

Reuters/Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Russian Defense Ministry later stated that the US-supplied Harpoon anti-ship missiles had been destroyed. In the agreement signed in Istanbul on Friday with Turkish and UN mediation, Moscow committed itself not to attack the port of Odessa and two other Ukrainian ports in order to allow the export of grain.

Ostenko said that the implementation of the agreement will now be difficult. Ustenko told Ukrainian Radio today that Ukraine could export 60 million tons of grain within eight to nine months if the blockade of the Black Sea ports is lifted. However, if Russia does not comply with the export release agreement, then the transfer will take from 20 to 24 months.

Verb “blatant Russian barbarism”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the attacks as “an act of” blatant Russian barbarism. “The head of state said in a video message published last night that the strike was another reason to give Ukraine weapons that are “essential to our victory”. Russia has exposed itself politically.

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