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People from Ukraine: preparations are underway to transport ambulances

People from Ukraine: preparations are underway to transport ambulances

Status: 07.03.2022 4:19 pm

Germany wants to play a central role in the medical treatment of refugees from Ukraine. According to Health Minister Lauterbach, they should receive the same care as German citizens.

According to Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, German hospitals are preparing to treat seriously injured or sick people from Ukraine. Lauterbach said Germany wanted to play a “central role” in medical care for people in and from Ukraine.

The federal government will try to bring seriously ill people to Germany and treat them here in hospitals – but this is not currently possible by air.

Lauterbach said that one of the prerequisites for transporting the wounded and sick from Ukraine to Germany is the presence of the necessary corridors and a ceasefire. With regard to transportation, we are in the preparatory stage.” At this time, the risk to patients and transportation means is unacceptable.

The number of Ukrainian patients is still unclear

According to Lauterbach, Russia does not appear to be avoiding attacking Ukraine’s medical infrastructure. So one wants to help with the supply if people can be taken out. Germany has a strong health system and now it has to prove that strength once again.

The Minister of Health was unable to say how many patients could be transferred from Ukraine to Germany. Lauterbach stressed that Ukrainian refugees should also be cared for in local hospitals, just like German citizens. This also included coronavirus tests and vaccinations.

Lauterbach promises aid to Ukraine

Many refugees are suffering from Covid-19, which municipalities must take into account when sheltering them. However, Lauterbach does not believe that the epidemiological situation in Germany could worsen as a result.

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He also pledged to provide Ukraine with medicine, narcotics and medical supplies. The previous difficulties around export permits and customs have been clarified.

According to the minister, German doctors also want to provide assistance in Ukraine. According to the ministry, this is being coordinated by international aid organizations. The German Foreign Office also provides financial support. Lauterbach could not say how many doctors would be willing to do so. He said that there are specific requests, expressing his respect for them. He said everyone knows the risks involved.

More than 50,000 refugees entered the country

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the police have so far counted 50,294 refugees from Ukraine in Germany. As a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Maximilian Kahl, said, they can usually enter the country for 90 days without a visa. By that time at the latest, they should have been registered with the immigration authorities or initial reception facilities. Registration opens a residence permit for a period of one year to a maximum of three years, as has been the case for refugees from Ukraine across the European Union since Friday evening.

According to the information, the federal government is in constant contact with the federal states to ensure the best place to stay. All countries provided support. The federal government has 50,460 accommodations, some of which are occupied. He also wants to save 5,000 places.

With information from Jim-Bob Nickschas, ARD Capital studio