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Russia upset: Astronaut does not get US visa

U.S.According to the Russian space agency Roskosmos, S-officials have denied entry visa to astronaut Nikolai Chub. “This sets a dangerous precedent for cooperation in the International Space Station,” Roscosmos President Dmitry Rogozin wrote in a telegram on Saturday. Moscow has always issued visas to American astronauts.

Rogos’ US space agency, NASA, was asked to comment on the case. He believes this is a misunderstanding, he told the Echo Moskvy radio station.

Joint training is really routine

According to reports, Tschub wanted to go on a flight scheduled for 2023 ISS Joining American colleagues at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Such training is common.

Russia and the United States want it back astronaut ISS on other countries’ spacecraft. Because NASA used private American companies for this purpose, the astronauts and astronauts flew separately to the mankind’s outpost. Considering the many conflicts between Moscow and Washington, space travel has always been considered one of the few areas where cooperation has worked.

Earlier this year, NASA agreed to continue operating the ISS until 2030. Roskosmos now wants to propose a corresponding extension to the government in Moscow. Last year, Rogosin cited U.S. sanctions against its own aerospace companies and threatened to withdraw from the program by 2025.

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