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Russia warns of armed conflict with NATO

In the face of tensions between Russia and NATO, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has warned Western military attaches of the danger of armed conflict. “The alliance has recently switched to the practice of direct provocation, which poses a high risk of escalation into an armed confrontation,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin told diplomats in Moscow yesterday.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine

American political scientist and expert Reinhard Heinsch of the University of Salzburg and Russia connoisseur and political scientist at the University of Innsbruck Gerhard Mangot on the tense relations between Russia and Ukraine.

Fomin said Russia would be ready to speak on an equal footing at any time. At the same time, he criticized the fact that for years NATO rejected every offer of talks from Moscow and preferred the path of confrontation. Russia criticizes the fact that since the collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago, NATO has been moving military bases and weapons systems near Russia. In Eastern Europe alone, 13,000 soldiers from NATO countries are now permanently stationed, including 200 tanks, 30 aircraft and helicopters.

NATO sees this as a deterrent to aggressive Russian policies, including against Ukraine. In addition, the military alliance is currently critical of the increase in Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.

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