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Russian disinformation: Petr Bystrun supposedly provided the AfD with information about allegations from the Czech Republic

Russian disinformation: Petr Bystrun supposedly provided the AfD with information about allegations from the Czech Republic

AfD member Petr Bystrun is set to provide his party with information about allegations made against him in a Czech newspaper regarding Russian disinformation campaigns. In a letter from Federal Administrative Director Hans-Holger Malkoms, Bystrun was informed that co-chairs Alice Weidel and Tino Shruppala were asking him to submit a written statement on all allegations against him by Thursday. The party leadership refers, among other things, to a report about an audio recording supposedly incriminating Bystrun.

In a report by the Czech newspaper Denick N It is said, citing intelligence circles, that Bystron is suspected of having ties to the pro-Russian network. Voice of Europe To be in touch. He may also have accepted money. the gate Voice of Europe Among other things, he distributed interviews with Bystron and AfD politician Maximilian Krah. They are at the top of the Alternative for Germany party's list of candidates European elections.

Already last week Czech Republic The government placed the operators of the internet platform and its supporters, such as Viktor Medvedchuk, who is close to Putin, on the national sanctions list. They are said to have tried to use interviews with pro-Russian politicians to create a mood against support for Ukraine in Europe – shortly before the European elections.

Bystrone denies these accusations

how Denick N It has now been reported citing several ministers, that Bystrone's name was said to have been mentioned in the relevant Cabinet meeting. “We have received information that Bystron is a suspect. The evidence must be audio recordings,” one of the ministers said. “You can provide audio evidence of the money being handed over,” another member of the government was quoted as saying in the report, referring to relevant information from the head of the local Secret Service. Therefore, the recording is not played in the meeting.

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Bystrone told the German news agency that party colleagues wanted first-hand information in light of media reports. But so far, these have been nothing but “unproven accusations and allegations.” According to him, there will soon be a personal conversation with the leadership of the AfD.

In an interview with Funke newspapers, Bystrone clearly denied these reports. “I did not accept any money to promote pro-Russian positions,” he said. He asked Czech intelligence to produce the “alleged audio recording.”

“Criminal consequences are also taken into account.”

The Green Party called for an investigation by the public prosecutor into the bribery allegations against Bystron. “This case must be investigated immediately, both factually and criminally,” Konstantin von Notz, head of the Bundestag's parliamentary oversight committee, told parliament. Editorial Network Germany (RND). Affected by “the highest security policy concerns of the Federal Republic”.

Konstantin Kohli, vice-chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, described it as a “big sensation” when the new results showed how an AfD member accepted financial donations directly from the Russian state. In this case, the President of the Bundestag must examine the violation of the Members of Parliament Act or the Party Act and “if the conditions are met, impose strict financial sanctions on the MP,” Kohli told Parliament. RND. Criminal consequences will also be considered, “for example, bribery and treason.”

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He also called for Bystrone's resignation. “Anyone who allows himself to be bribed by dictators can no longer be a member of the German Bundestag,” Kohli said. If these allegations are true, Bystrone will have to resign from his position immediately.

“Anything is possible, from parliamentary initiatives to espionage.”

Left-wing interior policymaker Martina Renner also called for an investigation. She added that if the findings regarding financial payments to active parliamentarians are “very concrete,” German authorities should immediately begin investigations and lifting immunity should be considered. RND. “It is long overdue that corrupt parliamentarians and parties face serious consequences.”

Renner said very little is known about what was offered in exchange for the money. “Everything is possible, from parliamentary initiatives such as delegated action to espionage.” “We also know from other bribery complexes that oftentimes it is not just one party that is affected,” Renner said. She asked the Bundestag Interior Committee to deal with these allegations next week. Local politicians from the Traffic Light Coalition also expressed their willingness to discuss the issue in the committee.