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Russian President Vladimir Putin is “one of NATO’s biggest coordinators” for the United States.

Washington. According to the US government, the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to the closure of troops within NATO and other Western allies. White House spokesman Zhen Zaki on Monday described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “one of NATO’s biggest coordinators in modern history.”

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He added at a news conference: “What you see here is a united Europe, a united West, standing up against the aggression and aggression led by NATO President Putin.” Of course, one would like Moscow to take drastic measures. The demonstrative unity of the coalition, however, sends a clear message to Putin that his actions and rhetoric are unacceptable.


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The miners “Sulzbach-Rosenberg”, “Homburg” and “Siegburg” set sail from Kiel for the Baltic Sea with the supply ship “Elbe”. © Reuters

Zaki said US President Joe Biden has “made efforts around the world to build this alliance, which includes many countries in Europe, but from other parts of the world, to stand up against President Putin and stand up against the aggression”. Invasion of Ukraine. Not all of these integrated activities came about by chance.

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