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Tesla recalls 475,000 vehicles in US: stock fall

According to the U.S. Automotive Safety Agency, Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S are affected by the defects.

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Model 3 Series vehicles have been affected by the recall.

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Palo Alto – US electric car maker Tesla recalls nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles in the United States. 356,309 Model 3s have been ordered for workshops due to problems with the reversing camera, according to a document from the U.S. Automotive Safety Authority (NHTSA). Using the trunk lid can damage the wiring harness of the reversing camera and cause the camera to fail. All Model 3s from 2017 to 2020 will be recalled.

In addition, the 119,009 Model S is being recalled due to incorrect assembly of the front trunk. As a result, it may suddenly open and interfere with the driver’s vision.

The number of cars now recalled is approximately equal to the number of vehicles delivered worldwide by Tesla by 2020. Tesla has recently made huge profits in the billions and sales have skyrocketed. Star businessman Elon Musk Group is currently setting up its first European factory near Berlin, Germany.

For electric car manufacturers that have already repeatedly clashed with the NHTSA, the withdrawal is a major setback. On Wall Street, the stock fell 1.3 percent. (APA / Reuters / dpa)

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