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Russian spy arrested in Vienna: 39, apparently the son of a diplomat

Russian spy arrested in Vienna: 39, apparently the son of a diplomat

Hiding places to deliver messages

But the suspect is said to have not only exchanged information while traveling. Also in Vienna, a separate system with secret hiding places was developed in which messages were deposited in order to pass on information. Delivery locations were made visible to the recipient through mostly inconspicuous signs. As investigations show, it is said that diplomatic personnel from the Russian Federation have always been present at these deliveries at the right time and place.

Hidden camera detector

During various searches of the suspect’s home, a signal detector – which can detect wiretaps and hidden cameras – and a shrapnel protective suit were discovered. Cell phones, laptops and tablets were also seized, on which a total of ten million files were assessed.

The 39-year-old is now free after his arrest. He faces a prison sentence of six months to five years.

Does Austria expel more Russian diplomats?

It remains questionable whether, after the spying affair became known and the close relationship between the Russian diplomats came to light again, that their expulsion again was imminent. In April, after much hesitation, Austria revoked the diplomatic status of three employees of the Russian Embassy in Vienna and one employee of the Consulate General in Salzburg. Possible secret intelligence activities have already been mentioned by Russian diplomats as a reason.

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