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SAFFIRE - Taming the Hurricane

SAFFIRE – Taming the Hurricane

Swedish SAFFIRE has always made a positive impression on me with recent albums. As a writer of the older generation, I have a particularly nice place for bands that sound like the ’70s and ’80s, like DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE and Co.

The new album “Taming The Hurricane” is packed with great lines, hooks, and catchy rhythm. Of course, a member shouldn’t be missing to create that “old” sound, and SAFFIRE has mastered that perfectly. The drummer for the new album was changed and it took a while for the band to find each other again. But the waiting time was well worth it, because they gave us something great new with the usual sound – classic rock with bite.

Singer Tobias Jansson is gorgeous again and is making his way through the songs with his powerful and harmonious songs. He always brings out his rocker voice and is backed by great backing vocals just like before. Usually rock lyrics and choruses are lyrical and ready to live.

Anyway, the following tips are:

“Triumph Of The Will”, which includes a convenient entry for members where you’ll be instantly convinced to write the band’s songs from the first tape. Harmony with catchy melody, vocals, outstanding country features and, as mentioned earlier, the organ is a perfect fit. Just a powerfully great song.

Then, of course, the title track “Taming the Hurricane,” which, like the “hurricane” in the title, roars through the speakers like a whirlwind. Simple vocals and a driving rhythm section are the basis of this lively song.

The organ-filled “Read Between The Lines” has a sound and sound that makes you think of DIO. This is a must-play song for Sabah and Duo lovers.

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You can find something softer at the end of the album. “Flight Of A Thousand Wings” is a farewell song for Victor’s late grandfather. One hears that SAFFIRE also masters quiet boards excellently and knows how to write a powerful song that is emotionally heart-warming.

My summary looks like last time: A masterful band that blends “old” rock with modern strength. There’s a lot of organ here like DEEP PURPLE but also songs that sound like DIO classics. And of course a great rhythm section that provides strength to every piece. A very successful album that will appeal to the masses of rock fans.

classification: 4.0 / 5.0

author: cat lady (06/14/2022)