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Seb Furcher, cottage owner and manager |  Is |  23 12 2021 |  21:00

Seb Furcher, cottage owner and manager | Is | 23 12 2021 | 21:00

He was born on December 17, 1930 as Giuseppe Forcher in Rome. His family came from the village of Sexten in South Tyrol, in the middle of the Dolomites, which is famous for its mountaineers. When Forcher was 10 years old, the family moved to North Tyrol, and then to Pongau, where Forcher grew up. His parents were cottage keepers. So does he: Forcher and his wife, Helen, ran a variety of alpine cottages from 1955 to the 1970s. Since 1976 he has worked at ORF: at first as a presenter of the programs “In’s Land eineschaun” and “With music to the Weekend”. From 1986 onwards it became a favorite of audiences on television: by 2019 it presented “Klingendes Österreich” two hundred times, a popular and traditional program on ORF that is broadcast four times a year.

Sepp Forcher died shortly after his 91st birthday. Last summer he published his autobiography: “The Mountains of My Life. Biographical Notes.” At the end of November, Renata Schmidkönz spoke to Sepp Forcher about tradition, compassion, nature and strength.


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