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Salzburg coach McIlvan: No excuses despite the difficulties of the CHL

Salzburg coach McIlvan: No excuses despite the difficulties of the CHL

He’s back in everyday league life for EC Red Bull Salzburg after losing to Rögle BK in the Champions Hockey League.

On Tuesday, the reigning CHL champion “Ispollin” threw around Marco Casper a bitter fight for promotion to the quarterfinals, and only three days later the next match was against the Vienna Capitals, which they lost 0: 3 (Match report >>>).

Just like the Viennese, the Mozartstadters had to complain about seven absentees, including Florian Beltrame, Peter Hochköfler, Lukas Thaler and Ali Wokovits, who joined convalescent Troy Burke, Ty Looney and Tyler Lewington after meeting in Sweden.

But the team, rejuvenated as a result, challenged the hospital at least in the first third, and were superior to the Caps in this – only one goal did not want to fall (in time). It was returned 1-0 by Chay Genoway by the referees after video studies because the puck crossed the line just a fraction of the end of the first third.

Usury was punished in Salzburg

However, manager Matt McIlvane was very pleased with the performance in the first 20 minutes of the match: “I loved our first third. I think we had six or seven great chances.” There was still a big zero on the scoreboard.

McIlvan noted that Salzburg seemed to have struggled, deviating from their plan in the second half. On the other hand, the Vienna team moved quickly and took a 2-0 lead through Patrick Antal and Max Zimmer. “That’s when they started.”

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“In the third half we pushed again, but we didn’t score,” said the Salzburg coach.

We have enough players who can do the job.

He does not use past travel strains or failures as an excuse. Of course I had a tough few weeks, “but it doesn’t really matter. We’ve got enough guys who can do the job.”

“If you’re missing a few players in the lineup, it’s critical that every player stick and engage. You can’t deviate from your game plan at any moment. And we did,” McIlvane was visibly unhappy.

“Of course you want to have a full lineup, but if you don’t have that, you have to follow the game plan in more detail,” explained the American, who ultimately made the difference for him.